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Tree Care
Bicycles should never be chained to trees. Damaging the bark opens the plant to pathogens that may be an invitation to disease or decay.

Insects & Disease Control
Contact the Parks Department at (605) 347-9018 for information on insects or tree disease.

Tree Selection
If you need help deciding which tree to plant, consult the Tree List for South Dakota. or The Planting Guide for the City of Sturgis

Mulch Guidelines
Newly planted street trees are mulched at the time of planting. Mulch settles and breaks down over time, so adding a little mulch each spring or fall is beneficial.

Mulch should not be heaped next to the trunk of the tree. A small gap should be left between the trunk and the mulch.

Benefits of mulch include:
  • Retention of soil moisture
  • Weed and grass control
  • Protection of the trunk from mowing equipment
  • Erosion control (mulch breaks the impact of rain)
  • Improved soil structure (better aeration, temperature, and moisture conditions)
  • Improved appearance

Tree Planting in Rights of Way

Sturgis Parks Department recently was awarded a $4,000 tree-planting grant. Trees will be planted in parks and rights of way.

Call (605) 347-4422 to see if you qualify to have a tree planted in your right of way. There is a $5 permit fee and applications can be filled out at:
City Hall
1040 Harley Davidson Way
Suite 103
Sturgis, SD 57785

Watering Guidelines
Plan Your Watering Schedule
New street trees require little more than regular watering. A newly planted tree will require six to eight gallons of water every 10-14 days. Take amount of rainfall into consideration when planning your watering schedule. Sandy soil requires water more frequently than clay soils.

Be Careful Not to Over-Water
Over-watering interferes with the roots ability to exchange oxygen.

Check the Soil 
Soil should be moist, not saturated. One test may be to take a handful of soil, and then close and open your hand. If the soil retains its shape, but is not sticky, the moisture content is favorable.
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