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Parks Board
Board Members

Bill McKee, Tom Hermann, Janine Short, Lana Anderson,  Tony Dargatz (council representative).

The voluntary Board is involved with meeting the present and future parks and recreational needs and services of the community.  The Board is also involved with the short and long-range planning of park and recreation areas, Bear Butte Cemetery and the Sturgis Forestry Program.

The date and time for meetings are determined by the Board.  The Board provides recommendations on various activities, issues, projects, requests and maintenance issues involving parks, recreation, Bear Butte Cemetery, and forestry in the City of Sturgis.

Application for Volunteer Board Member. 

Parks Ordinance (partial)
There is hereby created for the City, a Park Board consisting of five (5) members.  An additional liaison position shall be filled either the Mayor or a member of the City Council.

All members of the Park Board shall be appointed by the City Manager and confirmed by the City Council.  The term of each of the appointed members shall be for three (3) years. Thereafter, the appointment of each member shall be for terms of three (3) years so that there will be an overlapping of tenure.  The members of the Park Board are to serve without compensation.  Each member of the Board before entering upon his official duties shall take and file an oath in the Finance Office in the usual form required from such appointive officers of the City to uphold City ordinances and the laws of the state.  

The Board shall elect from its number a President, Vice President, each of whom shall serve for a term of one (1) year or until a successor is elected and qualified, except and unless the said officer so elected is removed from the Park  Board before the end of his or her term.  The Board shall also designate a Secretary.  Said Secretary does not need to be a member of the Board.

14.02.04:  MEETINGS
The Vice President shall act in the absence or disability of the President.

In the event of death, retirement or removal of an officer from the Park Board, a successor shall be elected immediately.

The Secretary of the Board shall keep a record of its proceedings to be filed promptly after preparation with the City Finance Office made available upon request as required by City policy and state law.

The Park Board shall determine the time of its regular meetings and the number, and the board may hold as many special meetings as it deems proper.

Three (3) members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but an affirmative vote of at least three (3) members shall be necessary to authorize any action of the Board.  All officers of the Park Board shall vote on all matters along with other members of the Board.

The Park Board shall have all the combined powers and duties that a Park Board would have as provided by Chapter 9-38 of the Statutes of the State of South Dakota and acts amendatory thereto.

The Park Board shall be under the control and supervision of the City Manager and any City funds to be expended for the management, supervision and improvement of the City parks areas shall be spent only upon following City purchasing policy and within the adopted Parks budget which shall be reviewed by the Park Board and approval by the City Council.  All vouchers submitted for expenditures for the management, supervision and improvement of the City parks areas shall be available for review by the Park Board at a regular or special meeting and submitted to the City Council for its approval or rejection.

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