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Forms and Applications for Planning & Zoning
Platting Within City Limits

The purpose of this Title is to provide for the harmonious development of the municipality and its environs; for the coordination of streets within subdivisions with other existing or planned streets or with other features of the comprehensive plan; for adequate open spaces for traffic, recreation, light and air, and for a distribution of population and traffic which will tend to create conditions favorable to health, safety and convenience through the provision for an adequate scale of street, sanitary, water, utility and other improvements as land is subdivided.

Plat fees are indicated on the application.  The fee for the Plat Application is payable to the City of Sturgis.  In addition, a filing fee is required.  The filing fee must be payable to Meade County register of Deeds. 

To submit a plat application, please log-in to the Citizenserve Web Portal
Preliminary Plat Requirements
Final Plat Requirements

Platting Outside City Limits
The City of Sturgis and Meade County operate under a 3-Mile Agreement for platting.  Areas within the designated 3-Mile boundaries are subject to City platting regulations.  

All plats within this area must be approved by the Sturgis Planning and Zoning Commission and must be reviewed by the Meade County Planning Department prior to filing.   

If you are considering a plat within the 3-Mile jurisdiction please contact the Planning and Zoning Office prior to submitting your plat. 

Use on Review
The use of land which is not the principal use and not in conformity with the regulations for the district in which the use in proposed, due to the specific nature and unique characteristics of the use, requires special standards and discretionary review to insure conformance with the purpose of the Zoning Regulations.  All Use on Review Permits are reviewed on an annual basis and can be revoked at any time. 

Application fee is $100.    As part of the application process, land owners within a 200 foot buffer zone must be notified of this application.  Page 2 of the application must be sent to these land owners along with a letter explaining the request.  For assistance with identification of these land owners and a mailing list, contact the Planning and Permitting Department at 347-4422.  

Use on Review On Line    Log into the Citizenserve web portal to fill out this form online.  You will be able to pay any applicable fees through this portal from the convenience of your home.

Vacation of City Property
The process to vacate street or alley right-of-way in the City of Sturgis is regulated by SD Codified Laws in Chapter 9-45.  Along with the requirements of state law, the City requires specific steps to be followed in order to create a resolution that can be presented to the City Council and to assure the Council that community issues have been address. 

General Procedure
  • The following is the general process for a typical right-of-way vacation:
  • Petitioner creates a petition specific for the right-of-way to be vacated and obtains 100% of adjacent property owner's signatures (signatures must be on the petition).  An example of a petition is included in the Vacate Packet link below.
  • Petitioner must notify all utility companies and obtain their written response regarding right-of-way.  An example of a letter to utilities is included in the Vacate Packet link.
  • Upload completed Petition and fill out the Plat Application via our online Citizenserve Portal.  You can also pay the $250 filing fee and upload any other relative documents through the web portal.
  • Documents are reviewed by City staff and a resolution is prepared.
  • Planning and Zoning Commission will review the application and all related documents and will make a recommendation to the Council along with a request to set a Public Hearing if applicable.
  • The Notice of Public Hearing and exhibits are published in the newspaper twice prior to the Public Hearing date.
  • The Public Hearing for the proposed Vacation is held at the City Council meeting.
  • If the Council approves the request, there is a twenty day waiting period - after the date of publication of the Council Minutes - before the resolution takes effect.  During this 20 day waiting period, a member of the public could complete the requirements for a petition and ask for a referendum to require a vote of the people.

Vacation Packet Link  This packet includes examples and more specific information about the vacation process.  Please contact the Planning and Zoning Office if you have questions about this process. 

The purpose of the variance is to modify the strict application of the specific requirements of the  City of Sturgis Zoning Ordinance in the case of exceptionally irregular, narrow, shallow or steep lots, or other exceptional physical conditions, whereby such strict application would result in practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship which would deprive an owner of the reasonable use of his land. The variance shall be used only where necessary to overcome some obstacle which is preventing an owner from using his lot as the Zoning Ordinance intended. 

Application fee is $100 + additional notification fees as determined by the Planning and Zoning Office.  These fees are payable at the time of application.  
Notification of all land owners within 200 feet is required. The City will determine the list of land owners who will be notified and the City will make the required notifications.  The applicant is responsible for the cost of notification (via certified mail) plus an administrative fee.  For an estimate on notification costs, contact the Planning 
Department at 347-4422 extension 209.  

Application for Zoning Variance   Log into the Citizenserve web portal to fill out the variance application and pay the application fee.  If you are requesting a setback, you will also need to upload a detailed, computer generated drawing of your site plan.  The drawing must include all buildings, fences and current measurements to all property lines. The drawing must also include lines to show the proposed area of variance. 

Processing Time:  A Variance Request begins with application.  The City then makes formal notification to those landowners within 200 feet of the property.  This process can take up to three weeks.   Once the notification process is completed, you will receive an email from the Citizenserve system notifying of the mailing fee costs due to the City.

Once the notification requirements have been met, the information must be published in the local newspaper and the item is scheduled for the next available Planning Commission meeting. The Commission will make a recommendation to the Sturgis City Council whether to approve or deny the request.  

Following the Planning Commission review, a public hearing is scheduled with the Sturgis City Council.  At that time, the City Council will make the final decision on the variance request.

The entire Variance process can take up to six weeks.  YOU must plan accordingly.

Voluntary Annexation
A property owner currently outside the City Limits of Sturgis can file a petition with the City Council requesting Voluntary Annexation.   

The City grows through the annexation process.  Prior to annexing property, the City looks closely at the location of the property.  All property considered for annexation must be contiguous to property already within City limits.  The property must be suitable to receive City services either immediately or by a pre-determined date in the future.  The cost of installing water and sewer infrastructure rests upon the property owner.  

Close coordination between land owners and the City is required when annexation is considered. The time required for this process can vary greatly depending on the location and other factors specific to the property. 

Petition for Voluntary Annexation by an individual land owner (download)

Petition for Voluntary Annexation by a corporation (download)

Zoning Amendment
From time to time, a request for a change to zoning is warranted.  If a property is being re-platted into one parcel, all property within the parcel must be zoned the same.  On occasion, a property is re-zoned to allow for a use not currently allowed in a zone.

In order for a change to be made in zoning, the property must be contiguous to other property already zoned the same as the proposed new zoning. Spot zoning is strictly prohibited in all areas.

To request a change in zoning, an application must be submitted along with all applicable fees.  All property owners within 150' of the property to be re-zoned must be notified by the Planning & Zoning office via certified mail.  An official notice must be published in the local newspaper twice prior to a public hearing taking place. There is a $250 application fee plus the cost of the official notifications.   Once application is made and notifications have been sent, the request is scheduled for consideration by the Planning & Zoning Commission.  The Commission will make a formal recommendation to the City Council.  The City Council will hold a public hearing and will make the final decision on the request. 

Application for Zoning Amendment  Log into the Citizenserve web portal to submit the Zoning Amendment Application.  You can also pay the application fee online when you submit the Zoning Amendment Application.  Once the mailing has been completed, you will receive an email notice from the system notifying you of the cost of the official notifications.

Time Requirements:  The application and approval process may take up to six weeks. 

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