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Applications & Forms
Building Permit Application

Before any person may erect or cause to be erected or constructed a building or structure within the City or causes any alterations to any existing building or structure within the City, which alteration costs more than Three Hundred Dollars ($300.00), he/she must first obtain a Building Permit from the Building Inspector. An alteration of a building or structure shall for the purpose of this Title mean any alteration, addition, or removal of any one, part of one, or more than one partition, wall, ceiling, windows, structural member of roof system or floor. All building permits are obtained by using the Citizenserve web portal.  Once you apply, pay for and submit your request online, the Building Permit will be reviewed by our office and you will receive an E-mail notification of the status. 

Apply for a Building Permit
through the Citizenserve web portal.

Fence installations require a Building Permit.  The fee for most residential fences is $25.00.  Simply check the box marked Fence on the Building Permit.

Apply for a Fencing Building Permit through our Citizenserve web portal

Contractors License

No person shall perform construction work within the City, on any property other than the person’s primary residence until he/she shall obtain a Contractors License from the Building Inspector’s Office. A Contractors License is $125 per year.  

Obtain your Contractor License through our Citizenserve web portal

Digging Permit Application
No person shall dig within the City, on any property other than the person’s primary residence until he/she shall obtain a Digging Permit from the Building Inspector’s Office.

Apply for your Digging Permit, Sewer Tap Permit and/or Water Tap Permit through our Citizenserve web portal

Facade Improvement Program
Property owners within the Downtown BID District can apply for funding from the City to make enhancements to existing building facades.  The maximum loan limit is $25,000 or 200% of the assessed valuation, whichever is less.  Other restrictions also apply.  To make application, download the application form, fill it out and provide copies of the required attachments and deliver it to the Code Compliance and Zoning office at City Hall.  All applications will be given consideration.

For more information contact the City Manager's Office at 605-347-4422.  
Improvement On Line Application
Improvement Downloadable Application

Grading Permit
A grading permit is required for all new construction or when dirt work of 1000 sq. ft. or more is being done as per Sturgis City Ordinance Title 2.11 .  For more information, contact the City Planning and Zoning Office at 605-347-4422605-347-4422.

Apply for your Grading Permit through the Citizenserve web portal.

Nuisance and Sign Complaints
Nuisance complaints can be submitted online through our Citizenserve web portal.  Once you are logged in, you have the option to submit your complaint anonymously.  By submitting your anonymous complaint through the web portal, we can still communicate with you for more information and/or to provide appropriate follow-up.

Sign Permit Application

No billboard shall be erected, structurally altered, replaced or enlarged within the City without first having been issued the appropriate permit. The responsibility for securing the permit is joint and several of the billboard owner and contractor. A separate permit shall be required for each billboard.

Off premise signage (other than billboard) are not allowed.  

Use on Review Application

The use of land which is not the principal use and not in conformity with the regulations for the district in which the use in proposed, due to the specific nature and unique characteristics of the use, requires special standards and discretionary review to insure conformance with the purpose of the Zoning Regulations.  All Use on Review Permits are reviewed on an annual basis and can be revoked at any time.

Application fee is $100.    As part of the application process, land owners within a 200 foot buffer zone must be notified of this application.  The Planning & Zoning staff will send these letters.  The applicant is responsible for the cost of certified postage & handling. The postage and application fees must be paid prior to notifications being sent.  To verify the total cost for mailing, contact the Planning & Zoning Office.

All Planning & Zoning applications are available through the CitizenServe web portal. 

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