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Water Quality Reports and Testing
4/20/2012:   SD DENR Recognizes the City of Sturgis for Drinking Water Compliance -

The SD DENR has awarded a Drinking Water Certificate of Achievement Award to the City of Sturgis for outstanding water system operations and environmental compliance with the state drinking water standards for the past year.  The manager and operators receiving this award guaranteed the Sturgis water to be safe by achieving 100% compliance with the Safe Drinking Water Act during 2011.

In order to qualify for the Drinking Water Certificate of Achievement Award, public water systems and their operators had to meet all of the following requirements for 2011:
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Drinking water standards
  • Distribute a Drinking Water Report
  • Lead/copper action levels
  • Comply with operator certification requirements

Certified operators at this time for the city are:  Dale Olson and Bradley Deutsch.

Water Testing
drinking water_thumb.jpg
The State of South Dakota requires a battery of various tests to be performed on municipal water systems on a yearly basis.  Test results are included in the Drinking Water Reports.  Additional test results are also shown.  

2009 State Water Rest Results
2010 State Water Test Results
2011 State Water Test Results
2012 Copper & Lead Test Results
2012 Numerous/Variety Test Results
2012 Other Test Results
2012 Stage 1 DBP Results
2012 Well 3 Nitrate Test Results
2013 State Water Test Results
2014 Test Results
2015 Bacteria and Fluoride Test Results
2015 Water Testing
2016 Flouride
2016 Other Test Results
2016 Additional tests including bacteria test 

If you have questions regarding any of these tests or the results, please contact the Sturgis Water Department 347-4425.

2010 Drinking Water Report
2011 Drinking Water Report
2013 Drinking Water Report
2014 Drinking Water Report
2015 Drinking Water Report
2016 Drinking Water Report

Learn More
To learn more about the importance of clean drinking water visit the EPA website.

Download a Sturgis Recycling brochure.

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