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Recreational Fire Safety
Enjoy Your Back Yard Fireplace - By Using Common Sense
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Fire pits and chimineas have become very popular in recent years.  Reports of accidental fires caused by these types of recreational fire devices have also increased dramatically.

Many communities have banned the use of outdoor recreational fire devices.  Fortunately, the City of Sturgis does allow the use of most manufactured fire devices when used in a safe and considerate manner. 

Common Sense Safety Items

Fire pits must be less than three feet in diameter and two feet or less in fuel height.

Fire devices must be at least 15 feet from any combustibles and should never be placed on wood decks.  Preferably, these devices should set on concrete or level areas of dirt or gravel.  Never place a device in an enclosed patio or deck or under overhangs or awnings.

Do a visual inspection to make sure there are no tree limbs or overhead wires that could catch fire.  There should be no combustibles within 15 feet of any open flame. 


Be A Good (Safe) Neighbor

Don't use your fire pit for burning rubbish, leaves, rotten or green wood or any other material that will cause excessive smoke in the neighborhood. 

When burning, use a spark arrestor if possible and don't burn when weather conditions include gusty or high winds.

Make sure fires are never unattended.  Keep children and pets away from fires.  Have a Fire Safety Plan and share safety rules with family members. 

Keep a water hose or fire extinguisher close by at all times. 

Make sure the fire is completely out before you leave the area.  A smoldering fire can be considered a nuisance and is prohibited.

Additional Information

By definition, a hole dug in the ground and surrounded by rock is classified as a campfire and is NOT allowed.

The use of recreational fire burning devices is regulated by City Ordinance -  Title 9 Fire Prevention. 

If you have any questions about City regulations or would like a fire representative to conduct a free inspection your fire device, please contact the Sturgis Fire Department by calling 347-5801.

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