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Land Use Study
Most Recent News Related to Land Use
On October 14, 2014 the Meade School Board voted to move forward with negotiations with the City of Sturgis for the sale of property located around the Sturgis Brown High School.  The exact amount of property to be sold and the sale prices has not yet been determined.  There is no time frame on when the sale may be closed.

On August 12, City Manager Daniel Ainslie presented a Land Use Plan to the Meade School Board.  Although Superintendent Kirkegaard stated that the High School property is not currently on the market the proposal was based on the City purchasing approximately 400 acres of excess land surrounding the High School from the School District.

Under the proposal, the land would be developed into a multi-purpose recreational area to include a new Rodeo Grounds, a Moto-Park where a variety of events could be held and a hotel facility.  The Rodeo Grounds would continue to be operated by the City and the Moto-park would be leased to a third party developer.  The area where the hotel would be built would  likely be sold to the developer. 

The preliminary plan would allow the current Fairgrounds facility on Ball Park Road to be used for future housing after the Rodeo Grounds is relocated. The City has been working with the Fairgrounds Committee to address the need for more space and a dedicated facility where the focus would be on equestrian events.

The School Board meeting was well attended by the public and comments were heard.  The School Board will continue to take public comment for the next few weeks.  Comments can be made via e-mail through the Meade School District website or by calling the Superintendent's office at 347-2523.  The presentation is available for viewing at the following link. 

August 12, 2014 Presentation to the School Board.

What is a Land Use Plan and why do we need one?
In January of 2014, the City and Sturgis Economic Development Corp (SEDC) hired a team of planners, architects and engineers from KLJ, an engineering company located in Rapid City, to provide a comprehensive Land Use Plan for several areas of undeveloped city owned parcels as well as an area of land surrounding the Sturgis Brown High School.

With limited space available for development and growth, the City has set a goal of developing several of  these properties in the coming years. In accordance with guidelines set forth in the City's Comprehensive Plan, several needs had already been identified.  The need for single and multiple family housing, the need for recreational areas with adequate parking, the need for a multi-use facility and more space for commercial expansion were all identified.  By identifying the highest and best use for each property, a Comprehensive Land Use Plan will assist the City with planning for these needs and will provide an orderly and effective road map for future development.    

Properties included in the Plan:
  1. Current Fairgrounds Property - 23.59 acres on Ball Park Road
  2. Marcotte Property - 60.81 acres located west of Elk Road.   (currently being purchased from Game Fish & Parks)
  3. City owned utility lot - 5.45 acres south of Pine View Drive
  4. High School property located both east and west of the current Sturgis Brown High School along Hwy 34.

Initial Findings
JD Nash, a land planner with KLJ Engineering was assigned to the project in February, 2014.  His first step was to gather data on each property;  this included identifying areas effected by the floodplain, areas where historic items and/or artifacts may be present, connectivity via roadways and trails, current utility infrastructure, soils and drainage patterns. 

In addition, Mr. Nash met with City staff, Council members and various committee groups to discuss specific needs of the community such as recreation areas, affordable workforce housing to meet the demand of new and existing businsses and areas suitable for future commercial development. 

Within the past year, more than 100 new jobs were created in Sturgis and employees report not being able to find adequate housing to fit their needs.  A recent Housing Study found that Sturgis has less than .7% vacancy rate for rental units.  A healthy vacancy rate is 8% in most communities.  Most rental agencies in Sturgis have no available units and have a waiting list.

Public Presentations and Question/Answer Sessions:

Sturgis City Council - Formal Presentation of the Land Use Plan findings.  Monday, May 5 at 6:30 at the Erskine Building.   Land Use Study Presentation to Council

Public Open House to discuss various sites - Tuesday, May 6 from 3:30 until 7:00pm at the Sturgis Community Center.

More information will be posted on this web page as it becomes available.   Comments and questions should be directed to:  Daniel Ainslie, City Manager or the Sturgis Planning & Zoning Office 347-4422.

Future Development Options
Web Sturgis Fairgrounds Site SOD Alt A.jpg
Current Sturgis Fairgrounds Property
The mission of KLJ is to offer several options for future use in the areas included in the study. It is important to remember that these presentations are only suggestions and have yet to be considered by the City Council.  There will be several opportunities in the future for the public to provide input. 

Careful consideration must be given to the need for housing, future commercial expansion, maintaining a healthy balance of open space and recreational areas and budget restrictions. 

These are some of the early ideas for development on parcels included in the study.

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