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Business Licensing
Temporary and Permanent Business Licensing
Under Title 18 Zoning, the City requires all non-contractor businesses to license.  There is an exception for non-profit organizations as well as sales by youth under age 15 who are selling lemonade or like items from their home. 

Permanent businesses:
If a business is considered a “permanent” business, it is operational for more than 5 months of the year.  There is no fee to license a permanent business.  Permanent businesses are exempt from purchasing a vendor license during the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally so long as they are operating at their permanent business location.  (For information on home based businesses, see the bottom of the page.)

Temporary businesses: 
If a business is considered a “temporary” business, it is operational for less than 5 months, but more than 3 days.  There is a $25.00 licensing fee for temporary businesses.  A temporary business must purchase a vendor license during Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally.   

The business license ordinance does NOT apply to temporary vending during the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally.  Those licenses are governed separately by Title 31.02.03. 

The Business licensing ordinance was implemented in May 2011.

Required Documentation
In order to apply for a Contractor License with the City of Sturgis you must provide the following documentation:
  • Application Form (submitted electronically or downloaded for completion)
  • Proof of sales tax registration (State of South Dakota)
  • Certificate of Coverage showing minimum liability insurance coverage of $1,000,000 incident / $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Certificate of Coverage showing workers' compensation coverage, if applicable
  • Show any additional licenses as required by State law due to the nature of the business.  Examples: Cosmetology, dealership, food license/health, liquor license, malt beverage, etc.
  • Show any additional licenses as required by federal law due to nature of business.  Examples: Firearms. 

These items can be faxed or emailed to the City's Code Compliance Officer at the below contact information. 

How to Apply
Dave Smith
Code Compliance Officer

1040 2nd St.
Suite 103
Sturgis, SD  57785

Office: (605) 347-4422, ext 2
Cell: (605) 490-4029
Fx: (605) 347-4861

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
If you are currently a permanent business, simply click on the application link, fill out the application, and submit the application to the Code Compliance Office – there are no fees involved.  Online Application

If you do not meet permanent status (doing business less than 5 months of the year) click on the application link, fill out the application, Submit and Print the completed form and mail a copy of the completed form to the City Finance Office at 1040 2nd Street in Sturgis along with your $25 application fee (cash or check).    Online Application

Alternatively, you can download and print the application by choosing the print version link below.  After you have completed the application, deliver it to the City Hall along with all required documentation and payment (if applicable).   Download Application  

Payments cannot be accepted electronically.

Home based Businesses
Picture of a house
The requirement to be licensed is irrespective of the location of the business.  Therefore, home-based businesses are required to license just as a business in a commercial building or zoning. 

However, there may be additional steps that a home-based business must do prior to being licensed.  Staff cannot issue a business license for a location that is non-conforming and/or requires further review by the Planning Commission.

However, once a ‘use on review’ is approved for a business, these businesses are then issued a business license once all documentation is provided and any applicable fees are paid.

For information on "use on review" process, please contact the City Planner at (605) 347-4422(605) 347-4422, ext 5.   

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