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Marcotte Property
This Information is From the Official Land Use Study Conducted by KLJ
The Marcotte parcel is the second largest of all parcels studied for this report and contains approximately 53 acres.  The site is bounded by private, developed land to the north, east and west, and state land to the south.  The land north is predominantly suburban, single family residential; the east is both single family and multi-family residential; to the west is large lot single family estate residential.  Immediately adjacent to the south border of the site is an unimproved access road to public lands.  The principle use of the site is undeveloped open space, with the northeasterly half of the site being cultivated.

Existing Conditions Map            SOD Exhibit  

Access to the site is directly off Elk Road, which connect from the south past residential development to Moose Drive or via Otter Road to Vanocker Road. 

Access from the south includes a low flow crossing of significant drainage that, per public testimony is subject to periodic flooding.  From the north, the access is a circuitous connection through a residential area to Moose Drive and then Dolan Creek Road. 

Consideration for future road improvements along the southerly access route should be considered as this site and the area develop further.

The site is served by all utilities, sufficient to support the proposed uses.  An overhead utility line crosses diagonally on the northeasterly portion of the site.  Improving the electric and natural gas service systems, including the undergrounding of the overhead line, to support additional development is feasible and without any noted concerns from the utility provider. 

Water and sewer service would be provided by the City with minimal to no off-site improvements needed.

Cultural and Environmental:
Recent historic use of this site had been as a game production area under the jurisdiction of the SD Game Fish and Parks Department.  Wildlife is know to frequent the area and can be seen on the site. 

Three drainages cross the site from the south to the north, with the westerly two drainages being the most significant.  The current FEMA flood maps indicate that a 100-year floodplain does exist for approximately the northerly 150 feet of the central of the three drainages.  A detailed flood study is recommended to accurately define the floodplain affecting this site.  The easterly drainage is largely undefined, most likely due to recent farming activity; however there is a drainage basin feeding this section of the property and intermittent marshy areas do develop, indicating that this drainage should be addressed with any future development. 

The site sits on the tail slope of the steeply, wooded fringes of the Black Hills.  Significant views of natural formations and the mountainous surrounds are prevalent to the north, particularly from the relatively high southern portions of the site.

The information contained on this page is a summary of the findings from the Comprehensive Land Use Study.  To see the entire study visit the full report. 

If you have questions about this site or any of the sites included in the Study, please call the Planning and Zoning Office or the Sturgis City Manager at 605-347-4422605-347-4422.

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