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2015 City Mission Statement & Goals
A City's mission statement is a phrase which attempts to encapsulate all of the activities for the various City departments and express what the outcome should be for every activity which occurs.  A City's mission statement is not the statement for an individual department or for the Council; instead it is a statement for the Council as well as every single department within the City's organization.

The city of Sturgis has sought to establish a unifying Mission statement in which to guide decisions and long term goals and projects.  The City Council began discussing potential statements during the Fall of 2014.  Drafts were provided to Department Heads who then provided input to the City Council and Legal & Finance Committee.  The Committee then revised the statements further and is recommending the following statement as the City of Sturgis Mission Statement:

"To provide an attractive, growing community being served by a professional staff that offers reliable, quality municipal services."

2015 - 2017 Goals
Each year, the City Council adopts a series of goals for the organization to accomplish by the end of that year.  Upon reviewing the suggestions drafted for 2015 goals, the City Council took into consideration the significant amount of labor that will go into 2015 with the historic number of new developments and construction projects as well as the significant preparations needed for the 75th Annual Motorcycle Rally.  With these commitments in mind, the Legal and Finance Committee recommended to the Council the adoption of the following goals for years 2015 - 2017.  These goals will be reviewed on an annual basis.

1.  To proceed with annexation of properties to further our community growth and ensure equity for tax payers.  These properties would include at a minimum:

  • The high school
  • Sale barn property
  • Current county “pockets” within and surrounding the city
  • Dolan Creek Estates
  • Select areas east of Sturgis
  • VA campus

2.  Improve infrastructure within our community to allow for growth by:

  • Adopting an executable 5-10 year Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan
  • Identifying potential sources of financing
  • Completing all of the 2015 budgeted capital projects

3.  To stimulate and incite development within our local residential and commercial sectors by:

  • Enforcing the Martel Development Agreement
  • Completion of the Pine View, Exit 30 and Dolan Creek Estates TIFD’s
  • Commence construction for the Ball Park apartment complex
  • Develop a plan for the watershed
  • Continue development of Exit 30
  • Assist in developing a large daycare center
  • Market and sell at least one parcel at Exit 32
  • Complete Domino’s façade loan
  • Encourage the development of J&P Cycle

4.  Continue increasing the City’s financial health by:

  • Increasing Rally profits
  • Increasing sponsorship dollars
  • Increasing sales tax collections
  • Increasing total revenues by a minimum of 5% over 2014
  • Completing ordinance revisions regarding temporary vendors and signage
  • Increasing assessed taxable property valuations
  • Continue reduction in property taxes by at least 2%
  • Adopting employee handbooks on personnel policies and procedures
  • Adopting administrative policies and procedures

5.  Enhance the community’s quality of life through safety, recreational development and enhancements by:
  • Adopting an executable 3-5 year Recreational Development Plan including projected costs and sources of funding
  • Complete the enhancements to the ice skating rink
  • Complete the first phase of construction of the 2nd Street Plaza
  • Adopt the International Property Maintenance Code

6.  Improve and enhance communications throughout the City and public by:

  • Adopting and publicizing the City’s Mission Statement and 2015-2017 Strategic Goals
  • Utilizing social media
  • Establishing regular communications such as scheduled correspondence, newsletters and roundtables with business leaders
  • Establishing a consistent note taker for council committees with notes posted within 24 hours
  • Establishing communications required of staff by the City Council

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