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Inspection & Fee Information
Building Permits
Building permit fees are based on project cost or total square footage of the structure as determined by the Building Official, per City ordinance.  The completed application must be accompanied by a list of all subcontractors and a copy of blueprints.  You can apply for your permit and submit these items through our Citizenserve web portal.

Construction must start within 180 days of issue.  A permit is good for one year from the date of issue.  Building Permit card must be placed in a conspicuous place, facing the street, on or near the building for which it is issued, as soon as starting work and must remain until the work is finished.  The permit must be visible to the public under penalty of City Ordinance.  

If employing a contractor or a sub-contractor, all contractors and sub-contractors must be licensed by the City of Sturgis. 

City ordinance and Building Code require that building numbers be visible to the public from the street.

A Certificate of Occupancy is required prior to occupying a structure.

Building Permit: Based on project cost or total square footage of structure as determined by the ordinance

Fence Permit: $25

Concrete Permit: Based on project cost as determined by ordinance

Demolition Permit:  $25

Digging Permit: $250  (Only for projects digging in the City right-of-way)

Moving Permit:  $25

Sign Permit: $50 =<$2,000 of value; $5 for each additional $1,000 of value

Zoning Variance: $100 plus all applicable mailing costs

Zoning Amendment: $250, plus all applicable mailing costs

Use on Review: $100, plus all applicable mailing costs

Sewer Tap Permit: $400    
24 Hour Notice Required
Minimum sewer service line size is 4" SDR 3034 PVC Pipe

Water Tap Permit:
24 hour Notice Required
1" Tap w/ 3/4" meter         $650       
1" Tap w/ 1" meter            $725
1 1/2" Tap                      $2000
2" Tap                            $2500
3" Tap                            $2750
4" Tap                            $4000
6" Tap                            $6500  

You can apply for a permit through our Citizenserve online web portal.

Required Inspections
24 hour notice is required for ALL inspections

Foundation Wall
Plumbing (conducted by the State)
Electrical (conducted by the State)

Please contact the Building Inspector at (605) 347-4422, extension 2, to schedule an inspection.  In the Inspector's absence, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer at (605) 347-4422, extension 3. 

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City of Sturgis,1040 Harley-Davidson Way, Sturgis, SD, 57785 • Ph: (605) 347-4422 • 

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