Excess Animal Permit Request

This is not a Commercial Kennel License.  See City Ordinance Title 32 for all animal regulations including Kennels.

Those living in the City limits of Sturgis are required to obtain an Excess Animal Permit if they have 7 or more domestic animals living at one location, for more than 18-weeks, within a 12-month period.  

Once an application is submitted, an on-site inspection by the Sturgis Animal Control Officer must take place.  Once the inspection is approved, neighbors within 400 feet of the property will be notified by the City.  Once notices have been made, a final review will take place.  If approved, a $10 permit fee will be due upon issuance of the permit at the Animal Shelter.  

If you have questions, please contact the Sturgis Animal Shelter by calling 605-347-8310. 

Any person owning, possessing, or maintaining more than the legal limit of a total of six (6) common domestic animals (not including fish), for a period of more than eighteen (18) weeks within a twelve-month period, shall apply for an annual Excess Animal Permit. To do so the person shall make application on a form provided by the Sturgis Police Department.  The City will then, by letter, request written consent of the majority of adults residing within 400 feet of the exterior boundaries of the residence for which the application is submitted. An Animal Control Officer will make a site inspection and submit a written site inspection report and recommendation to the Chief of Police. The report shall state the location of the proposed permit site and the number of animals proposed. If approved for more than six animals, subsequent renewal of the annual Permit shall require compliance with all applicable provisions of this Title, as well as compliance with all other applicable City ordinances, State laws, and regulations. 

To apply for a permit, please provide the following information.  Once submitted, an Animal Control Officer will contact you to arrange for a site inspection. 

E-mail must be provided if you want to receive confirmation of your request.