Door to Door Transient Salesman

General Information 

Door to door and transient salespeople are required to obtain a Peddler License before they conduct business within the City limits.

Peddler Licenses are obtained from the Planning & Permitting Department at City Hall or online through the Citizenserve portal. There is a $50 fee for each salesperson.

Each salesperson must carry a copy of the license and are required to show the license when asked.  If you are approached by a person who appears to be a transient or temporary salesperson, you may request to see their license.  If they are not able to produce a Peddler License, contact the Sturgis Police Department.  Each license will show the name of the business, date of the license, the number of salespeople associated with the business. 

If you have a door to door salesman who is overly aggressive or refuses to leave your residence, call the police immediately.

Temporary Business Licenses Issued:

PhotoNameCompanyProductExpiration Date

Seven peopleVivint Alarm Systemsalarm systems12-31-23