Rally & Events Department

Jerry W. Cole
Rally & Events Director

Autumn Lyons
Rally & Events Associate

1040 Harley-Davidson Way
Sturgis, SD  57785

Ph: (605) 720-0800
Fx: (605) 720-0801

The Rally & Events Department was formed to facilitate the needs of visitors and vendors during the annual Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™, the Mustang Rally, Camaro Rally, Oktoberfest, and many other special events throughout the year.

The Rally & Events Department is responsible for coordinating special event operations within the city limits that include leasing city-owned properties, coordinating vendor permits and leases, processing requests for city services, and other related promotional efforts.

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If you are interested in scheduling your next event in Sturgis, we will be happy to work with you. Whether your event is a day or a week, we can provide you with the information you need to get started with your planning process.  Special Event Application 

For current information on all our events, visit the City of Sturgis Rally and Events Facebook Page and the  Official Sturgis Events Website. 

City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally  August 5-14, 2022.
The Annual Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ turns our town of 6,800 into a city of over 450,000 each year.  In 2015 we hosted the 75th Annual Rally with an estimated attendance of 739,000!

Besides the non-stop excitement found on our Legendary Main Street, motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy concerts, charity rides, burnouts, stunt riding, great food, and new product manufacturing showcases.  If you haven't made the trip to Sturgis yet, we hope you plan to make the trip soon.

Rally History - There are many publications devoted to the history of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  This article, found on the Black Hills Knowledge Network, provides a brief summary of the Rally from the start to approximately 2015.

Find a vendor on the map. Each year, data is updated daily based on the most recent vendor license information.  Search by name, product, or location.  For the City of Sturgis only.   Learn how to become a temporary vendor in Sturgis

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Sturgis Rally Traffic Maps showing street closures and restrictions are posted each year prior to the event. 

Visit the official Sturgis Motorcycle Rally website for more information, and a list of other events held throughout the week in the city and surrounding areas.

For information about officially licensed products please call our office at 605-347-4422 ext. 226.

Future City of Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Dates:  The annual event always begins the first Friday in August and lasts 10-days.
August 5-14, 2022
August 4-13, 2023

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