Fairgrounds Property


The Fairgrounds parcel is the third largest of all parcels studied for Land Use Planning Project.  The property contains several existing recreational uses.  The portion of the site considered for development in this study contains approximately 22 acres.  The site is bounded by private, developed land to the north, Ballpark Road to the South, public school to the east and a railroad spur to the west.

The principle use is for a combined rodeo/racing facility within the confines of a one half mile dirt track oval.  The concrete grandstand, fencing, livestock fencing/pens/chutes and lighting are the primary improvements encumbering the portion of the site planned for redevelopment.

Access to the site is directly off Ballpark Road.  The property is accessible via sidewalk from the south and the north.

The site is currently served by all utilities.

Emergency services are readily available with the fire station across Ballpark Road adding value to this site being developed at higher densities.

Neither a detailed environmental or cultural study has been performed on the site, however a Cultural Resources Assessment has been provided for this site and can be viewed in Appendix III of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Fairgrounds SOD Link Existing Use diagram