Forms & Applications

Special Events 

Special Event Alcoholic Beverage Application.  This application must be submitted to the Finance Office at least four weeks prior to the event to allow adequate time for public hearings.
Application to hold a Special Event (car shows, parades, events at H-D Plaza - SEL for alcohol not included) 

Hotel BID Funding - Application for grant funds to offset costs related to event hosting.  For more information contact the City Manager's office 605-347-4422 ext 207.

Claim Form - General 

If you have suffered loss or damage to personal property and you want to file a claim for reimbursement with the City, please download a  Claim Form and return it to the Finance Office at Sturgis City Hall along with all photos and other supporting documentation.  Address: Sturgis City Hall, Finance Office, 1040 Harley-Davidson Way, Suite #103, Sturgis SD 57785.  For additional information please call Lisa Katzenstein in the Risk Management Office at City Hall 605-347-4422, extension 5.

All claims are handled through the City's insurance provider, not individuals or elected officials.

Information Request 

The Finance Officer is the official document controller for the City.

If you are in need of information related to contracts, agreements, Council information or any other new or archived information, please make your request using this online Information Request Form. After you have the form filled out you can save a copy prior to submission. Questions can be directed to If you have questions about how to get information using this form, please call 605-347-4422 ext. 1.

More current information may be posted on this website.  We encourage you to do a search using the search box on the home page before you make a written request.


State Statute  regarding raffles
Raffle Application   This application must be turned in to the City Finance Office at least 30 days prior to the start of the raffle for City Council approval.
Raffle Checklist  This information will assist you with the raffle approval process.
After Raffle Report  - after raffle information requirements

Request to be on the City Council Agenda 

Citizens Request to be placed on the City Council Agenda.  This must be turned in to the City Finance Office at least 3-weeks prior to the Council Meeting. 

If you would like to request the closing of a public street for a special event you must submit an application to the Rally & Events Department.  Right of Way Application 

This application must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the event to allow adequate time for public hearings.  Contact the Rally & Events Department at 605-720-0800 for assistance with scheduling a special event. 

To request the use of  Park Shelters, call the Public Works Office at 347-3916 or visit the Parks Department webpage and make your request online.

To reserve a meeting room at the Community Center or the Auditorium call the Community Center directly at 605-347-6513 to check availability.